Procedure for Requesting UM History Transfer Credits


Students wishing to receive transfer credit in history for an equivalent course or courses taken at another institution must file all requests with the history department secretary, Ms. Kathy Harrison,, in room 619AA Ashe. The following information must be provided along with your written request:

  1. The student's full name, the college in which the student is enrolled at UM, the student's major and minor

  2. The name and address of the institution at which the student will be studying or from which the student is requesting transfer credit

  3. A detailed description o f the course, indicating the topics covered and in-class contact hours

  4. The course syllabus, indicating the reading list, written work, examinations, and all other course requirements

  5. Equivalent course. It is the responsibility of the student to indicate the University of Miami history course for which he/she is seeking credit. All UM history courses are listed in the Bulletin of the College of Arts and Sciences. Where no equivalent UM history course is apparent, the UM history faculty member in charge of transfer credits may assign a special history course equivalent.

  6. Once all information has been submitted, the application will be evaluated and a decision rendered usually within two working days. In the case of advanced level courses, the UM history faculty member who teaches the course under consideration may have to be consulted. Allow for additional time.

  7. For the History Major, at least 18 of the required 30 history credits must be taken at the University of Miami. For the History Minor, at least 9 of the required 15 history credits must be taken at the University of Miami.

  8. Students who have further questions should call the history main office at 305-284-3660 or email to to schedule an appointment to meet with the faculty member in charge oftransfer credits.

  9. Online Courses are eligible for History Department credit on a case-by-case basis. Students expecting to receive credit or fulfill course and cognate requirements with online courses should first consult university policies and those of their respective School or College. Students should also pay particular attention to rules, set by the Registrar's Office, concerning the minimum number of credits required to be taken at UM.