Spring 2022 Courses (Subject to Change)

History Course Descriptions

102 History of the United States, II (since 1877) Fraser
132 The Birth of Modernity: Europe 1648 to the Present Reill
267 Boccaccio’s Decameron as History Ruggiero
272 Hawai’i and the Pacific World: Or, How Surfing Colonized California and the World Nesvig
312 Feminity, Masculinity, and Sexual Politics in Indian History Chatterjee
316 Modern China Halsey
317 History of the Caribbean, I Ramsey
326 The High and Late Middle Ages: Europe, 1095-1500 Thomas
327 The Renaissance in Italy Ruggiero
353 History of Cuba Bustamante
363 The Early Republic (1783-1850) White
368 Nature & the Environment in American History Bachin
372 The Sixties Spivey
379 History of the Old South (1607-1861) Bernath
396 The Mediterranean World Brannum
412 M.K. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr: A Call to Civic Engagement Chatterjee
511 Colonialism, Identity, and Development Halsey
538 Tudor England, 1485-1603 Gunther
544 World War I: Origins, Course, Consequences Beck
554 Caribbean Religions: Healing and Power Ramsey
591 Memory Matters: Politics and the Past Bustamante
701 Research Seminar 1 Reill
711 Field Prep for Early America White
760 Field Prep in Comparative Colonialisms Nesvig
762 History as a Profession Fraser