Recent Publications

Spivey Racism Cover

Donald Spivey, Racism, Activism and Integrity in College Football: The Bates Must Play Movement (Carolina Academic Press, 2021). 

Asante World Cover

Edmund Abaka and Kwame Osei Kwarteng, The Asante World (Routledge, 2021). 

 Ruggeiro Book Cover

Guido Ruggiero, Love and Sex in the Time of Plague: A decameron Renaissance (Harvard University Press, 2021). 

Cuba Memory Wars Cover

Michael Bustamante, Cuban Memory Wars: Retrospective Politics in Revolution and Exile (University of North Carolina Press, 2021). 

Thomas Book Cover

Hugh Thomas, Power and Pleasure: Court Life under King John, 1199-1216 (Oxford University Press, 2021)


Goff Cover

Krista Goff, Nested Nationalism: Making and Unmaking Nations in the Soviet Caucasus (Cornell University Press, 2021). 

 Reill Cover

Dominique Reill, The Fiume Crisis: Life in the Wake of Habsburg Empire (Harvard University Press, 2020). 

 Bustamante Collection Cover

Michael Bustamante and Jenifer Lambe, eds., The Revolution from Within: Cuba 1959-1980 (Duke University Press, 2019). 

Beck Cover

Hermann Beck and Larry Eugene Jones, eds.,  From Weimer to Hitler: Studies in the Dissolution of the Weimar Republic and the Establishment of the Third Reich, 1932-1934 (Berghahn, 2019)

Goff Cover

Krista Goff and Lewis Siegelbaum (eds.), Empire and Belonging on the Eurasian Borderlands (Cornell University Press, 2019.) 

Alchemy of SlaveryM. Scott Heerman, The Alchemy of Slavery: Human Bondage and Emancipation in the Illinois Country 1730-1865 (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018). 

Promiscuous Power

Martin Austin Nesvig, Promiscuous Power: An Unorthodox History of New Spain (University of Texas Press, 2018)

Rethinking Race

Paulina Alberto and Eduardo Elena (eds.), Rethinking Race in Modern Argentina(Cambridge University Press, 2016)

White Sand Black Beach

Gregory W. Bush, White Sand Black Beach: Civil Rights, Public Space, and Miami's Virginia Key (University Press of Florida, 2016)

Quest for Power

Stephen R. Halsey, Quest for Power: European Imperialism and the Making of Chinese Statecraft (Harvard University Press, 2015)

Transformative Visions

Kate Ramsey and Louis Herns Marcelin (eds.), Transformative Visions: Works by Haitian Artists from the Permanent Collection. Lowe Art Museum, 2015