Writing an Honors Thesis provides History majors with an extraordinary opportunity to work closely with a professor and to develop their skills as a researcher, writer, and communicator.  The thesis is a demanding process that only junior or senior History majors with a high History GPA should consider pursuing.  Students interested in writing a History Honors Thesis should first take a 500-level seminar on a topic in the field of study that they hope to pursue in their thesis.  The student should discuss the possibility of writing an honors thesis with the seminar’s instructor and, if that professor agrees to serve as their thesis advisor, the student will then enroll in HIS 597 (Honors Thesis) the following semester as an independent study under that professor’s supervision.  Upon successful completion of the thesis in HIS 597, the student will earn departmental honors at graduation.  Please note that students writing an Honors Thesis must complete a total of two 500-level seminars (in addition to HIS 597) in order to fulfill the requirements for the History major.  If you have questions about writing an Honors Thesis, please email the Department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Karl Gunther.